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Redesigning the Book Cover of "Father of Storms": A Self-Published Author's Journey

The Importance of Professional Book Cover Design and the Challenges of Self-Publishing

I have decided that the book cover for my novel “Father of Storms” needs a professional redesign. I must say this decision is one I was reluctant about but after undertaking some research and listening / reading other authors thoughts and experiences, I recognise this is something I just have to do for the benefit of the book and for the readers who are not seeing a story they would likely love. In truth, the previous covers I have used were good, but they were selfishly based on what I wanted and not really reflective of the market or my potential readers. I'm passionate about my writing and am determined to give it the best possible chance to succeed, which is why a new cover was essential.

Father of Storms is a thrilling blend of historical fiction, urban fantasy, and action and adventure, following the story of Seth, a Spae worker with an incredible gift to manipulate the natural energy that connects all things on earth. Set in both ancient Mercia and modern-day London, the story revolves around Seth's quest to have the family he was promised and fight against an evil Spae worker, Corey, who seeks to control him. Filled with fantastical elements, interesting characters, and themes of love, hope, and retribution, this unique novel will captivate readers from start to finish.

To design the new cover, I've enlisted the help of Miblart (, a Ukrainian design house. Though the process is still in its early stages, I've only provided the designer with book details and character information to work with. Looking at the covers they have designed, I am hoping for a visually striking and emotionally resonant design that accurately represents the story's themes and genre. I have learned that it is important as a self-published author to have the right cover, as I believe this is the best marketing weapon we have to attract potential readers and increasing a book's chances of success.

When I began this journey, as an independent author, I didn’t fully comprehend or expect the challenges involved with self-publishing. The amount of work, time and ultimately money needed to give my books even the slightest amount of success has been eye opening. The roles you need to undertake are wide ranging from being the writer, editor, proof-reader, social media manager, website designer, to marketing manager. But despite the challenges, I still thoroughly enjoy the writing process and have recently released a novella called The Choice and a short story titled The Magic Show which I hope people will enjoy. I also have several stories I am editing in the works ahead of re-release and ideas for new books. I am juggling this with all the aforementioned jobs I am doing for my published works.

As I am currently between jobs, I suppose I have the time to invest in this writing dream whilst searching and responding to new roles. Writing, sadly, doesn’t pay the bills or put food on the table but it provides food for my soul, which is a lovely reward for the effort and emotional investment I put into my stories.

I will add updates through the process, so make sure you are signed up to stay in the loop. I look forward showing off the new cover which will (fingers crossed) be coming soon.

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