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Into the Storm: Character Development and Historical Inspiration for 'Father of Storms

Father of Storms 3D book cover


As an author, one of my greatest joys is creating vibrant and complex characters that readers can relate to and root for. In my novel ‘Father of Storms’, I bring to life a set of diverse characters, each unique in their roles and attributes. But have you ever wondered where the inspiration for these characters comes from? Today, I’ll take you behind the scenes, revealing the inspiration behind some of your favourite characters in ‘Father of Storms’.

The Concept of Character Creation

When I create characters for my stories, I often draw inspiration from a multitude of sources. In ‘Father of Storms’, much of the character inspiration came from actual historical events and mythological entities. Shaping these characters is not merely an act of imagination; One of the best examples is the character of King Aethelbald.

The Repton Stone which may depict Æthelbald
The Repton Stone which may depict Æthelbald

Aethelbald was an actual king of Mercia during the 8th century. His mysterious murder by his own bodyguard in historical accounts served as the foundation for Seth’s role as the king’s bodyguard in the book. This allowed me to reimagine history, creating a unique scenario explaining why Seth might have been driven to such an extreme act. This melding of fact and fiction, reality, and imagination serves as the cornerstone of my character creation process.

Main Characters

Seth: Ancient heroes inspired the creation of Seth. These heroes, despite their divine powers, all grappled with very human problems. In ‘Father of Storms’, Seth is a powerful Spae worker, kidnapped and tortured for his abilities. His journey is one of rediscovering his past and reclaiming his power while fighting to protect his family from Corey’s machinations.

Marcy and Hope: Marcy and Hope, Seth’s wife and daughter, are strong, independent characters with their own paths. Their journey is equally important as they use Hope’s Spae abilities to track down Seth while coming to terms with the truths of their past lives. They epitomise the courage and determination of many powerful women, facing adversity head-on.

Supporting Characters

Meredith, Mae, and Ardeth: The roles of these three women in ‘Father of Storms’ provided additional layers of complexity and mystery to the story by allowing me to explore the theme of reincarnation and its impact on the characters’ current lives. Having this connection to the past also provided a nice bridge to continue Seth's development as a character.

Villains or Antagonists

Corey: The character of Corey, despite being the antagonist, reflects the path Seth could have taken under different circumstances. As a fellow Spae worker seeking control over Seth’s powers, his actions serve as a constant reminder of the danger Seth and his family face. His desire for acceptance and acknowledgment forms a complex and intriguing character.

Character Development and Arcs

Seth Artwork
Seth Artwork

Just as we change and grow in real life, so too must the characters in my stories. Seth is reclaiming his power, memories and family, while Hope is exploring her Spae abilities. The paths of Seth and Hope intertwine, and they show how the story's arcs are developed.

Challenges in Character Creation

Creating characters that resonate with readers while still driving the plot forward can be challenging. But the most challenging part was creating a magic system (Spae) that was intricate and intriguing, yet easy to understand. I worked hard to make sure this complemented my characters and their development.


The characters of ‘Father of Storms’ are more than just figments of my imagination. I have been inspired by my life experiences, my fascination with historical and mythological figures, and my desire to explore complex themes through relationships.

This behind-the-scenes look at character creation should give you a deeper appreciation for Seth, Marcy, Hope, and the rest of the characters in Father of Storms.

Get involved

Now that you’ve had a glimpse into my inspiration and the historical underpinnings of ‘Father of Storms’, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Which character from the book is your favourite and why? Or, if you’ve picked up on some of the historical references throughout the story, I’d love to hear your thoughts on that as well.

If you’re a fellow writer, how do you go about creating characters for your stories? Do you also delve into history and mythology for inspiration? Let’s get the conversation started. I’m looking forward to your comments and insights.

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