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My name is Dean Jones

I am originally from Barrow-in-Furness, in the north-west of England. My love of writing began when I was 12 years old,  during a school trip. I recall my classmates and I were asked to write a poem about a stream, which ran through Eskdale in Cumbria, and describe what we saw. The work I produced brought a large amount of praise (always good for a young boy) which sparked the creative fires that still burn today.

When I write, I tend to create tales that provoke thought and contain emotional elements to lift the heart. My first novel, Father of Storms, took seven years to complete but once finished, I couldn’t wait to write more.

Now living in Cheshire with my wife and family, I continue writing as much as possible. I hope that readers take as much pleasure from reading my stories as I do in writing them.

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