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A loving yet fierce warrior, Seth sought only to protect his King and the people of Mercia while dreaming of a family with his beloved Wife. But when you have a power that others seek to control, not all dreams can come true, at least not in a single lifetime. Seth discovers that when his enemies take everything he loves, he will have to wait a thousand years to get it back.


Present day – London


Seth woke in a room with the most irritating buzzing in his head. He wasn't sure why he was there, where there was, and in truth, his memories were hazy too, but Seth was sure of one thing; he didn't kill his family.


Finding his environment distracting, Seth directs his ire at those questioning him, demanding to know why they are lying. With permission to use any method necessary to break him, his captors set about their task with enthusiasm and pleasure as in their minds; Seth had done some despicable things, and revenge was a sweet feeling. However, they don't know they have to achieve their goal before he remembers who he is.


Coping with torture and the buzzing in his head, Seth is unaware that someone from his distant past has plans to take everything from him again, and the battle is in his mind.


For most, dreams can be an escape, but for Seth, they are his only way to rebuild his memories and find a way back to the family he has waited a millennium to have.

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