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Heather's Story

An Immersive Tale of Survival and Connection Amidst Chaos

Set in the year 2040, 'Heather's Story' captures the harrowing journey of Heather Lawson as she navigates through unprecedented power outages and societal collapse. Through a series of heartfelt emails, experience the raw emotions and resilience of a young woman far from home.



Character Development

Experience Heather’s profound growth as she navigates new relationships in the USA. Her bonds with her family and newfound friends highlight her resilience and adaptability in a foreign land amidst turmoil.

Realistic Setting

Immerse yourself in a meticulously detailed world depicting societal collapse. The narrative captures authentic human reactions and the harsh realities of a world without power, emphasizing survival and resilience.

Engaging Plot

Follow Heather as she moves to the USA, only to face a massive power blackout that plunges society into chaos. Witness her relentless struggle to survive and reconnect with her loved ones through a series of heartfelt emails.


HS Excerpt.png

"A good read" - Jaybird


I enjoyed reading this story. I loved that it was written as a series of emails as this made the story flow very well. It was easy to follow. My only wish was for it to be a bit longer and I was left wanting more at the end.

"Simply clever" - Chic co marx 1


The story is presented in the form of emails and works. The briefness of the medium means the story is information exchanged very succinctly and makes the reader believe they are looking over the shoulders of Heather and her family members as they each deal with a worldwide power outage and her struggle to return home. Dean Jones knows how to tell a story

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