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A Thrilling Journey of Magic, Vengeance, and Love


"Father of Storms" is an epic tale that follows Seth, a warrior born in Mercia in 732 AD, whose life is marked by extraordinary powers and devastating losses. Captured in modern-day London, Seth's true identity and ancient origins are revealed through his connection to the mystical Spae, an ancient magic. As Seth battles against the manipulative Corey, who has tormented him for centuries, he discovers the profound impact of his past on his present. Themes of heroism, love, sacrifice, and the quest for justice are intricately woven into Seth's journey, culminating in a battle that bridges ancient magic with modern conflicts, revealing the true nature of his adversary and himself.

In the modern-day storyline, Marcy is the reincarnation of Meredith, Seth's wife from his past life. She, along with their daughter Hope, is actively searching for Seth while he is held captive. Marcy represents Seth's enduring love and connection across his lifetimes.

Corey is another Spae worker who harbours deep resentment and seeks revenge stemming from his troubled childhood. He is the main antagonist in the story, using his powers to manipulate and control others, including the king, to achieve his vendetta against Seth. His actions throughout the story have devastating effects on Seth and his family.

Mae was Seth's teacher and an important figure in his life. Unfortunately, she becomes a victim of Corey's manipulative schemes aimed at weakening Seth. Her death marks a significant point in the story, deeply affecting Seth and further complicating his path.

Hope is the daughter of Seth and Marcy. She inherits her father's special abilities and uses them to track him down and assist in his liberation. Hope's powers and determination are pivotal in coordinating efforts to free her father.

Originally born in 732 AD in Mercia, England, Seth is a humble and loving man with a rare ability as a Spae worker, capable of channeling the earth's energy. He is destined for greatness and takes on the role of a village defender following in his father's footsteps. Fast forward to modern times, Seth finds himself kidnapped and tortured, caught in a complex plot orchestrated by his nemesis, Corey.

The Mara are powerful daemons from another realm, associated with bringing nightmares. They play a supportive role in Seth's life, showing him visions of his past during times of unconsciousness to strengthen his resolve and help him escape his physical and mental imprisonment.









"Couldn't stop reading. This is a great book, when I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Captivated me and that's difficult with my retention span! Highly recommend if you want a mind-provoking read! Brilliantly written."


"Brilliant! This was an absolutely brilliant read, love picking up a book and not being able to put it down, this was certainly one of those books!"


"Twists and turns. Atmospheric opening. Good pace throughout. Dean Jones certainly knows how to paint a picture with his words. A fantasy which has its roots and emotions in the real world. An enjoyable read."


"Time matters. 'Father of Storms' is a story that ultimately makes you believe that this life has a purpose, meaning and is worth it. Seth's journey takes place through time and is cleverly crafted. Second book I have read by this author & am delighted he has more titles to be discovered."


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